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​​Current instructors at our school and their titles

Sr. Grand Master Emil Bautista (9th Degree - Sr GM) - Owner/Chief instructor

     The owner and Chief Instructor, Sr. Grandmaster Emil Bautista is a Lifetime Acheivement Award recipient and has appeared in both Inside Kung Fu and Black Belt magazines. He has run the school since it's opening in 1968 and has promoted only 68 students to Black Belt level.

     These belts did not come easy, as belts are never given away nor sold. They are earned through hard work and dedication, loyalty and a vast accumulation of knowledge. Those who do receive a Black Belt from this school have more than earned the right to wear it.

     Bautista began studying Kajukenbo at the Tony Ramos School in Fairfield and received his Black in 1966. He advanced through the ranks and today carries the title of Sr. Grandmaster (9th degree - Red belt with silver trim), which he received from the founder of the system, Sijo A.D. Emperado, who shortly before his death asked Emil Bautista to serve on his Board of Advisors and help shape the future of Kajukenbo.

Professor Ray Bitagon (8th Degree)
- Teaches Adult Classes (Senior Instructor)

     Professor Ray first studied Kenpo for 10 years with Master Vargas earning a brown belt. When his son, Brandon, started with us he still felt the pull of the martial arts and decided it was time to train again. With his Kenpo background and training 4 nights a week, he progressed quickly through the ranks. He recently earned his 8th Degree with the title of Professor and has over 20 years with the school.

     Professor Bitagon is married to his lovely wife, Rowena, and has two sons, Justin and Brandon, who is also a Black Belt here. Professor Ray has worked as a nurse at John Muir Hospital for the past 14 years.

Sigung Tito Alvarez (6th Degree) - Teaches Adult Classes (Senior Instructor)
     Sigung Tito Alvarez has been with the school for over 20 years and a Black Belt for 16 of them. He works for the U.S. Post Office in a supervisory capacity and is married to his lovely wife Gwen. They have 2 boys, Jonathan and Jerrid both Black Belts themselves and a daughter Jazzlyn. Tito is a great asset to the school.

Sifu Joe Bangay (5th Degree) - Teaches Adult Classes (Senior Instructor)
     Sifu Joe Bangay came to us after training with Grand Master Joseph Halbuna up to Brown belt . He took a few years hiatus and then decided he wanted to train in Kajukenbo again. He checked out most of the Bay Area schools until he came to us, where he said he felt right at home, with our old-school style training.  He has been with us ever since. He and his lovely wife, Roberta have just recently moved from Sonoma to Vacaville to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Joe works at an auto body shop and he has had his Black Belt for about 9 years. Sifu Bangay is  also well known for his hard hitting abilities and is a great teacher at the school.

Sifu Brandon Bitagon (4th Degree) - Teaches Adult Classes (Senior Instructor)

     Sifu Brandon Bitagon teaches adult classes along with his father Professor Ray Bitagon at the school.  He began taking classes along with his father and through years of great dedication has reached the rank of Sifu. Brandon has been an excellent student, instructor and inspiration to his peers as they continually progress in learning the methods, techniques and traditions of Kajukenbo. 

Sifu Ruby Alim (3rd Degree)  - Teaches Kid and Teen Classes (Instructor Profile)

     Sibak Ruby started with us when she was 7 and trained up until she graduated from High School. It wasn't until after she received a college degree, started working, was married and had twins of her own, that she decided to get back into training. Now she, the twins, Jasmin and Jacob, as well as her youngest son, Zachary, all train here at the school. She received her 3nd Degree Black Belt in 2013 and is the coordinator of the demonstrations we perform at the Solano County Fair and the Filipino Festival each year.  She also works in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sifu Vince Williams (3rd Degree) -Teaches Kid and Teen Classes (Instructor)

     Sibak Vince has been with the school for the past 10 years and has been a Black Belt since 2013. He is responsible for the Kaju-Escrima branch of our school. He works in the para-transit industry, loves to vacation in Hawaii, where he enjoys all types of water sports such as surfing and water skiing. Sibak Vince's daughter Donna is also a Black Belt here at the school. He, along with Sibak Ruby, teach the kids and teen classes. Both instructors love working with the younger students and have mastered the patience it takes to make great martial artists. They are both well loved and respected, not only by the kids and teens but also the adults here at the school.

(Entire list of Black Belts to be added soon)

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