The Beginnings of Kajukenbo:

From Oahu to the World!

      Kajukenbo is the first "American Martial Art" and is also credited as the world's first "Mixed Martial Art".  It was first created over several years by the above founders, and officially established in 1947, in Oahu Hawaii. It has since grown to have a great cultural impact on our current society spreading throughout the world, making large contributions to organizations that currently practice MMA, such as the UFC which is regarded as the largest of one of such organizations in MMA.

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  Five Founders of Kajukenbo (Ka-Ju-Ken-Bo)

   1. Peter Y.Y. Choo - Karate (Ka)

   2. Joseph Holck - Judo (Ju)

   3. Frank Ordonez - Jujitsu (Ju)

   4. Adriano D. Emperado - Kenpo (Ken)

   5. George Chang - Gung Fu / Western and Eastern Boxing (Bo)

​​ ​​Kajukenbo Prayer

 Almighty and eternal God, 
 protector of all who put their trust in thee. 
 Accept the humble homage of our
                      faith and love in thee,
 the one true God. 
 And bless our efforts to preserve
                      the integrity of our United States, 

 a nation founded on Christian Principles. 
 Enlighten our rules, 
 guide our lawmakers, 
 protect the sanctity of our homes. 
 And bless our efforts in these exercises, 
 whose sole purpose is developing our bodies, 

 to keep others mindful of thy commandments. 
 Give us perseverance in our actions, 
 that we may use this as a means
                      to keep closer to you,
 the one true God. 
 In the name of thy beloved son,
                      Jesus Christ, Our Lord

 * Originally written by Uncle Frank Ordonez

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"Through this fist style one gains long life and happiness."

Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute of Vallejo

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